Immersive Technology Collective

A Multiyear Cluster

Investigating How Immersive Technologies Are Reshaping Our Reality

As virtual worlds and holographic models begin to touch our daily lives and promise unprecedented possibilities, we stand at a critical juncture that will define the future of human perception. Will corporations subsume it all for profit? Or can academics stake a claim in this future for research, creativity, and democracy? 

The Immersive Technology Collective is born at this moment to imagine the unknown and draw the uncharted. We bring literary scholars and historians together with engineers, scientists, and doctors to imagine with immersive technologies; we think with students to critique their ambiguities. We create physical work spaces and virtual worlds where geologists rub shoulders with coders, and historians with artists. We travel in time and space to dance on ancient stages. We explore galaxies, walk medieval streets, and stand beneath giant statues. 

We take pride in collective experimenting, failing, and innovating. We ask ourselves: how can scholars and artists influence the future of immersive technologies? What new bodily and mental perceptions will—or should—we develop? How can we use virtual and augmented reality for the public good, through research, pedagogy, aesthetics, and creative thought?

If you too are intrigued by these possibilities, we invite you to join us in creating a future in alternative dimensions. 

Visit the Immersive Technology Collective site to learn more.

Faculty Leads