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Chemistry Seminar with Dr. Nikki Thiele from Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Presented by the ITF multiyear cluster Next Frontiers in Radio Chemistry: Personalized Medicine for Infectious Diseases. Hosted by Dr. Tim Wencewicz.

Speaker bio: Nikki Thiele earned her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Medicinal Chemistry) at the University of Florida under the guidance of Prof. Kenneth B. Sloan, where her research focused on developing prodrugs of iron chelators and other small molecules to improve their pharmacokinetic profiles. From there, she joined the bioinorganic research group of Prof. Justin J. Wilson at Cornell University, where she worked as a postdoctoral associate to develop expanded macrocyclic chelators for applications in targeted radionuclide therapy, industrial descaling, and separations of rare earth elements. In 2020, she accepted a research staff position in the Chemical Separations Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a strategic hire. Her research is highly interdisciplinary in nature, leveraging aspects of synthetic organic chemistry, coordination chemistry, analytical methodology, and radiochemistry. Since starting her independent career in 2020, Nikki has received funding for projects from the Critical Materials Institute, DOE Isotope Program, and the Laboratory Directed Research & Development program at ORNL.

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